Lion Elastomers Acquires Firestone Polymers Production Site

Lion Elastomers, LLC announced on Monday the execution of a purchase agreement for an Orange, Texas production site owned and operated by Firestone Polymers, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation.

The plant manufactures polybutadiene and styrene-butadiene copolymers, produced under the Stereon™, Diene™, and Duradene™ trade names. These products are complementary to Lion’s current portfolio and will further strengthen Lion’s ability to support the synthetic rubber industry once the deal has closed.

“We have had a strong professional relationship with Bridgestone for decades and we are looking forward to maintaining this relationship while we continue to support the customers of the Orange, Texas, facility,” said Jesse Zeringue, CEO and president of Lion Elastomers. “This asset purchase will provide our company with the opportunity to further diversify our business and add additional product offerings to current and new customers.”

This purchase marks Lion’s second strategic acquisition in less than five years and is in line with Lion’s initiative to expand its business and provide greater value enhancement to its customers.

About Lion Elastomers : Lion Elastomers, LLC formerly known as Ashland Elastomers LLC was incorporated in 1992 and is based in Port Neches, Texas with production facilities in Geismar, Louisiana; and Port Neches, Texas. Lion Elastomers, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Lion Copolymer Holdings LLC.

The company manufactures synthetic rubber products. It offers Royalene EPDM that is used in a range of elastomeric applications that require heat, ozone, and chemical resistance; and Royaltherm, a silicone-modified EPDM for high temperature applications. It also offers Trilene Liquid EPDM, a lower molecular weight EPDM polymers that are available in liquid or free-flow powder form for use in gear oils and greases, caulks, adhesives, roof coatings, and other applications; cold emulsion styrene butadiene and black masterbatch type rubbers; and hot polymerized emulsion styrene butadiene rubber polymers for the adhesives and sealant industry.