Unilever Partners with LanzaTech, India Glycols to Produce Surfactant using Waste Carbon

Unilever has partnered with LanzaTech and India Glycols to produce a surfactant made from industrial carbon emissions instead of from fossil-fuels. The innovative shift in production utilises biotechnologies and a newly configured supply chain between the three partners, who are working together for the first time. Typically derived from fossil fuels, surfactants are a critical … Read more

Celanese to Expand Capacity and Utilize Recycled CO2 for Methanol Production at Texas Facility

Celanese Corporation announced that its Clear Lake, Texas integrated chemical manufacturing facility will begin utilizing recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) as an alternative feedstock in the production of methanol. Methanol is a key raw material in the manufacture of numerous acetyls products, including acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), ethyl acetate and other derivatives. This carbon … Read more

Plastic Energy and ExxonMobil to Partner on Advanced-Recycling in France

Plastic Energy is collaborating with ExxonMobil Corp. on an advanced recycling project in France that will convert post-consumer plastic waste into raw materials for the manufacturing of virgin-quality polymers. Based on current plans, the project is expected to be one of the largest advanced recycling plants in Europe, with an initial capacity of 25,000 tons … Read more

Clariant, India Glycols form JV for Renewable Ethylene-oxide Derivatives

Clariant AG and India Glycols Limited (IGL), a leading company in the manufacturing of green technology-based chemicals, announced a strategic partnership to establish a 51-49% joint venture in renewable ethylene oxide (EO) derivatives. Under the terms of the proposed agreement, India Glycols will contribute its renewable Bio-EO Derivative business to the joint venture, which includes … Read more

Indian Oil Corporation Plans $164 Million Ethanol Plants in Southern India

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is planning to set up a foodgrain-based, mega scale ethanol production facility each in Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with an estimated total investment of ₹1,200 crore ($164.3 million). Spoilt and surplus foodgrain, sourced from the Food Corporation of India (FCI), will serve as feedstock to make ethanol, for … Read more

Encina, Flint Hills to Build Renewable Aromatics Manufacturing Plant in Corpus Christi

Encina Development Group and Flint Hills Resources, a Koch Industries company, have signed a non-binding term sheet for manufacturing renewable chemicals and fuels from waste plastic. The term sheet contemplates that the parties may enter into a definitive agreement that includes building a waste plastic to renewable chemicals and renewable fuels plant in Corpus Christi, … Read more

Rosneft, BP to Cooperate on Carbon Management and Sustainability

Rosneft Oil Company and BP have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement focused on supporting carbon management and sustainability activities of both companies. The agreement builds on years of partnership between the two companies and formalises key elements of their collaboration on sustainability and work to identify carbon reduction activities and low carbon opportunities. Based on … Read more

Air Liquide Inaugurates Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Unit in Canada

Air Liquide has completed the construction of the world’s largest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer in Bécancour, Québec, Canada. Supplied with renewable energy, this unit is now producing up to 8.2 tonnes per day of low-carbon hydrogen. With this large-scale investment, the Group confirms its long-term commitment to the hydrogen energy markets and its ambition … Read more

Shell to Acquire Stake in Enerkem’s Renewable Chemicals and Biofuels Plant

Shell will take a 40% interest in a waste-to-fuels plant using technology developed by Enerkem, a leading Canadian clean tech company. Enerkem announced the project in December 2020, subject to finalization of commercial agreements. The approximately C$875 million (US$686 million) commercial-scale facility will be constructed in Varennes, Québec, and will produce low-carbon fuels and renewable … Read more

Sumitomo to Examine Combined Propane Dehydrogenation-CO2 Utilization Tech in Singapore

Sumitomo Chemical has begun exploring a possible combination of a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) technology that converts propane gas into propylene, with another technology that efficiently synthesizes methanol, using hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2), by-products from PDH. This initiative is under consideration in Sumitomo Chemical’s petrochemical complex in Singapore, and supported by the Singapore Economic Development … Read more

Solvay to Use Renewable Gas for its Cyclopentanone Unit in Melle, France

Solvay has begun a process of decarbonizing the cyclopentanone unit of its Melle plant in France. Through an agreement with an agricultural cooperative for the next fifteen years, the entire cyclopentanone production already relies solely on biomethane gas, a green source of energy. The cooperative built a facility to convert waste biomass into 18 GWh … Read more

INEOS Launches a New Clean Hydrogen Business in Europe

INEOS has launched a new business to develop and build clean hydrogen capacity across Europe, in support of the drive towards a zero-carbon future. INEOS currently produces 300,000 ton per year of hydrogen mainly as a co-product from its chemical manufacturing operations. Through its subsidiary INOVYN, INEOS is Europe’s largest existing operator of electrolysis, the … Read more

Clariant and Chemtex Partner to Boost Biofuel Production in China

Clariant’s Business Line Biofuels and Derivatives announced that a strategic partnership has been formed with Chemtex Global Corporation for the realization of second-generation biofuel projects. Under the partnership, the two parties will collaborate to market and sell Clariant’s sunliquid technology licenses, as well as services and supplies for advanced biofuel plants in China. As the … Read more

Clariant and Floreon Collaberate to Develop Higher-Performance Biopolymers

Clariant and Floreon-Transforming Packaging Limited announced a new collaboration to further extend the performance properties and market potential of biopolymers. By combining the benefits of Clariant’s additives with Floreon’s proprietary material solutions, the partnership aims to open up additional opportunities for plastic manufacturers and brand owners to consider biopolymers as a viable, low-carbon alternative to … Read more

PTT Global, ALPHA Sign JV to Establish Recycled Plastic Plant

PTT Global Chemical Company Limited announced that the company, on Febraury 3, has established a joint venture with ALPHA to operate high-quality recycled plastic plant in Royang, Thailand. The newly formed joint venture company called ENVICCO limited has PTT Global holding 70% of total shares together with another 30% held by ALPHA. According to PTT … Read more

INEOS Partners with UPM Biofuels for Renewable Plastics Production

INEOS and UPM Biofuels announced a long-term agreement to supply a renewable raw material for new and innovative bio-attributed polymers to be produced at INEOS Köln, Germany. INEOS will use UPM BioVerno, a sustainable raw material from a renewable residue of wood pulp processing, to produce bio-attributed polyolefins. These new sustainable materials will be used … Read more

Avangard to Supply PCR Plastic Film Pellets to Dow

Avangard Innovative LP, a specialist in waste optimization technology reached an agreement to supply Dow with post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic film pellets. The deal will be a significant addition to Dow’s plastic circularity portfolio that is aligned with the company’s goal to advance the circular economy for plastics and minimize waste in the environment. The … Read more

Ineos Announces Range of Bio-attributed Olefins and Polyolefins

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has announced a range of Bio-Attributed Olefins and Polyolefins, based on renewable bio based raw materials that do not compete with food production.  Products will be supplied from the INEOS Koln site, Germany, later this year. The company stated that bio-attribution measures the extent to which fossil fuel-derived feedstocks have … Read more

Dow, UPM Partner to Produce Plastics Made with Renewable Feedstock

Dow announces the commercialization of a plastics offering for the packaging industry made from bio-based renewable feedstock in partnership with UPM Biofuels, a producer of advanced biofuels. Dow is incorporating renewable wood-based UPM BioVerno naphtha – a key feedstock used for plastics development – into its raw material slate, creating an alternative source for plastics … Read more

Marubeni Corp Partners with Japanese Firm on Plastic Recycling

Marubeni Corp., Marubeni Plax Corp. and Chubu Nihon Plastics Co., Ltd have signed a partnership agreement to jointly undertake a plastic recycling business and also work together on the ECONET PROJECT that Chubu Nihon promotes in order to establish a circular economy. The agreement was signed on July 26, 2019. “The problem of plastic waste … Read more