INEOS Launches a New Clean Hydrogen Business in Europe

INEOS has launched a new business to develop and build clean hydrogen capacity across Europe, in support of the drive towards a zero-carbon future. INEOS currently produces 300,000 ton per year of hydrogen mainly as a co-product from its chemical manufacturing operations. Through its subsidiary INOVYN, INEOS is Europe’s largest existing operator of electrolysis, the … Read more

Clariant and Chemtex Partner to Boost Biofuel Production in China

Clariant’s Business Line Biofuels and Derivatives announced that a strategic partnership has been formed with Chemtex Global Corporation for the realization of second-generation biofuel projects. Under the partnership, the two parties will collaborate to market and sell Clariant’s sunliquid technology licenses, as well as services and supplies for advanced biofuel plants in China. As the … Read more

Clariant and Floreon Collaberate to Develop Higher-Performance Biopolymers

Clariant and Floreon-Transforming Packaging Limited announced a new collaboration to further extend the performance properties and market potential of biopolymers. By combining the benefits of Clariant’s additives with Floreon’s proprietary material solutions, the partnership aims to open up additional opportunities for plastic manufacturers and brand owners to consider biopolymers as a viable, low-carbon alternative to … Read more

PTT Global, ALPHA Sign JV to Establish Recycled Plastic Plant

PTT Global Chemical Company Limited announced that the company, on Febraury 3, has established a joint venture with ALPHA to operate high-quality recycled plastic plant in Royang, Thailand. The newly formed joint venture company called ENVICCO limited has PTT Global holding 70% of total shares together with another 30% held by ALPHA. According to PTT … Read more

INEOS Partners with UPM Biofuels for Renewable Plastics Production

INEOS and UPM Biofuels announced a long-term agreement to supply a renewable raw material for new and innovative bio-attributed polymers to be produced at INEOS Köln, Germany. INEOS will use UPM BioVerno, a sustainable raw material from a renewable residue of wood pulp processing, to produce bio-attributed polyolefins. These new sustainable materials will be used … Read more

Avangard to Supply PCR Plastic Film Pellets to Dow

Avangard Innovative LP, a specialist in waste optimization technology reached an agreement to supply Dow with post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic film pellets. The deal will be a significant addition to Dow’s plastic circularity portfolio that is aligned with the company’s goal to advance the circular economy for plastics and minimize waste in the environment. The … Read more

Ineos Announces Range of Bio-attributed Olefins and Polyolefins

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has announced a range of Bio-Attributed Olefins and Polyolefins, based on renewable bio based raw materials that do not compete with food production.  Products will be supplied from the INEOS Koln site, Germany, later this year. The company stated that bio-attribution measures the extent to which fossil fuel-derived feedstocks have … Read more

Dow, UPM Partner to Produce Plastics Made with Renewable Feedstock

Dow announces the commercialization of a plastics offering for the packaging industry made from bio-based renewable feedstock in partnership with UPM Biofuels, a producer of advanced biofuels. Dow is incorporating renewable wood-based UPM BioVerno naphtha – a key feedstock used for plastics development – into its raw material slate, creating an alternative source for plastics … Read more

Marubeni Corp Partners with Japanese Firm on Plastic Recycling

Marubeni Corp., Marubeni Plax Corp. and Chubu Nihon Plastics Co., Ltd have signed a partnership agreement to jointly undertake a plastic recycling business and also work together on the ECONET PROJECT that Chubu Nihon promotes in order to establish a circular economy. The agreement was signed on July 26, 2019. “The problem of plastic waste … Read more

LyondellBasell, Neste Announce Commercial-scale Production of Bio-based Plastic from Renewables

LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world, and Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel from waste and residues, announced the first parallel production of bio-based polypropylene and bio-based low-density polyethylene at a commercial scale. LyondellBasell production team in Wesseling, Germany shows off first batch of bio-polymer made … Read more

Nouryon and Gasunie Study Scale-up of Green Hydrogen Project

Nouryon and Gasunie are exploring an expansion in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, of a planned green hydrogen unit. The feasibility study follows an agreement to convert sustainable electricity to green hydrogen for SkyNRG. The plant could be scaled from 20 megawatts to at least 60 megawatts–allowing 9,000 tons of green hydrogen to be converted annually. SkyNRG, … Read more

AmSty, Agilyx Form Regenyx PS Recycling Joint Venture

AmSty and Agilyx announce they have formed a joint venture, Regenyx LLC, to recycle post-consumer polystyrene materials back to new polystyrene products. Regenyx will utilize Agilyx’s chemical recycling process to convert used polystyrene products back to their original liquid form, styrene monomer. AmSty can then take that styrene monomer and work with its supply chain … Read more

Nestle Waters, PepsiCo, Suntory Join PET Recycling Consortium

Food and beverage companies Nestlé Waters, Pepsi and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe have joined an industrial consortium to fund the development of Carbios’ enzyme technology for plastic recycling. There is an increasing pressure on companies recently to cut down waste and develop better ways to recycle the plastic they use or produce in order … Read more

Kaneka Starts New Biopolymers Division

Kaneka Starts New Biopolymers Division Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc. announced on Tuesday the establishment of the new Houston-based Biopolymers Division. PHBH (a copolymer of 3-hydroxybutyrate and 3-hydroxyhexanoate) from Kaneka is a plant-based product offering flexibility as well as heat resistance. It is produced through a novel process of bio-fermentation using renewable plant oils as feed stock. PHBH … Read more

Dow Collaborates with Petronas Chemicals on Carbon project

Dow signed an agreement on Tuesday with PETRONAS Chemicals Glycols to collaborate on a carbon project at PETRONAS’ world-scale ethylene oxide (“EO”) production facility in support of the Official Carbon Partnership between Dow and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Together, Dow and PETRONAS Chemicals Glycols are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the operations … Read more

Praj Industries Collaborates with Gevo for Isobutanol Tech

Praj Industries announced its collaboration with Gevo, Inc, USA to offer technology for production of high energy renewable aviation jet fuels. The company signed a construction license agreement (CLA) with Gevo, Inc, USA dated 4 April 2019, to commercialize technology for the production of Isobutanol using sugar-based feedstocks, such as juice, syrup and molasses. According … Read more

INEOS Styrolution Produces Virgin PS from Recycled Monomer

INEOS Styrolution has announced the completion of the first successful test runs to produce virgin polystyrene from recycled monomer. Completed at the company’s Antwerp site in Belgium, these experiments can be viewed as practical proof of polystyrene recyclability and as a game changer for INEOS Styrolution in polystyrene production. The product is the result of … Read more

Eastman Introduces Recycling Solution to Global Plastic Waste Issue

Eastman, a global specialty chemical company, announced a breakthrough innovation to address the plastic waste problem worldwide on Wednesday. The company announced plans in March to launch an advanced circular recycling technology that breaks down polyester waste that cannot be recycled into basic polymer building blocks by current mechanical methods that can be reintroduced as … Read more

Eni, COREPLA sign plastic packaging waste-hydrogen project

Eni signed an agreement for the start of research projects to produce Hydrogen from plastic packaging waste with COREPLA, the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging. Giuseppe Ricci, Eni Chief Refining & Marketing Officer, and COREPLA President Antonello Ciotti signed the agreement. The joint working group will assess the start … Read more

BP partners with Virent and Johnson Matthey on Virent’s bio-PX production tech

BP, Virent Inc. and Johnson Matthey (JM) have signed an agreement to further advance the commercialization of Virent’s Bioforming ® bio – paraxylene (PX) production process, a key raw material for renewable polyester production. Developed in partnership with JM, Virent’s Bioforming ® technology produces recycling products from renewable sources that can be used to produce … Read more