Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to Build Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide Plant in Taiwan

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC) to build a production facility for industrial hydrogen peroxide (IHP) at its Taiwanese subsidiary in order to further develop the company’s business for super-pure hydrogen peroxide (SPHP) used in semiconductor production processes.

SPHP is used primarily as a cleaning, etching and abrading agent in semiconductor wafer and device manufacturing processes. Demand for semiconductors is expected to grow over the long term as they find increasing use due to future advancements in 5G, IoT, cloud computing, AI, and other technologies.

Along with this trend, the increasing miniaturization in semiconductor wiring processes leads to higher demand for greater volumes of SPHP featuring even higher quality.

Operating three production sites in Japan (Yokkaichi, Yamakita and Saga) and seven overseas (South Korea [two plants], the US [three plants], Singapore and Taiwan) for SPHP today, the MGC Group is a global leader featuring the highest quality standards and underlying analysis and quality assurance capabilities.

“As such, MGC has successfully been expanding its customer base. In addition to SPHP, MGC also is engaged in the business of various functional chemical solutions (performance chemicals) for use in electronic manufacturers’ semiconductor production processes. Both product groups get high evaluation from our customers,” the company said.

MGC aims to meet the growing demand from Taiwan’s semiconductor foundries and to produce and distribute SPHP characterized by stable supply, high quality, and cost-competitiveness, and thus to promote business expansion. To this end, the company will develop integrated local production–from IHP raw material (RHP) to SPHP–in which the future IHP production facility will supply RHP to the currently operating SPHP facility.